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Aiayu means 'soul' in Aymara, the language of Bolivia's indigenous people, reflecting our dedication to craftsmanship and the artisans behind our products. The name, suggested by a Bolivian hand knitter, embodies the dedication, heart, and soul these artisans invest in their craft.

People behind

Behind the Copenhagen-based brand are the two Marias: Founder and Creative Director Maria Høgh Heilmann and CEO Maria Glæsel. They share a love for craftsmanship and natural materials, along with a vision to demonstrate that a viable business model and responsible practices can go hand in hand.

Aiayu thrives thanks to a global network of skilled individuals that span from the close-knit office community in Copenhagen to our trusting partners and incredible craftsmen across Bolivia, Nepal, India, and Europe.

Our home

Aiayu's headquarters is in the historic former post and telegraph building at Indiakaj 2, Copenhagen. Constructed in 1917 by engineer C. Agerskov and restored in 2024, the building's design honours its cultural heritage while emphasising modern functionality. Existing structures have been carefully repurposed, creating an open, breathable space complemented by a large green garden. 

As a lifestyle brand, this space is a natural fit, providing the perfect motivating and inspiring backdrop for our daily activities. It also allows us to gather our community and friends for events and presentations

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We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and ensuring fair and respectful treatment for everyone involved in creating an aiayu piece.

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Material library

Our material library is an in-depth resource for exploring the unique properties of each fiber, offering insights into how their attributes enhance the creation of aiayu collections.

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Design philosophy

Rooted in a materials-first philosophy, aiayu creates timeless wardrobe essentials and homeware that transcend seasons.

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